Telekom MagentaGaming was in beta for a year, now the service is officially launched. Telekom Magenta Gaming is one of the hip services that ensure that games from the cloud land on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Means: Your computer doesn’t have to be that powerful, the cloud takes care of it. With Magenta Gaming, servers in the cloud stream the games directly to Windows PCs, Macs or Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. At Gamescom 2019 a year ago, Deutsche Telekom started Magenta Gaming initially in a beta phase. According to Telekom, over 20,000 users have tested the service extensively since then.

For the commercial launch with around 100 games , the platform will appear in a new design and contain new functions. Using various user profiles, customers can also set appropriate age groups for their children. Scores are stored in the cloud indefinitely, so users can continue their game directly on another device. In addition, several players can play on one screen at the same time.

Telekom MagentaGaming costs? Customers who book the service by October 31, 2020 can use it free of charge for three months. Thereafter, € 6.95 per month will be charged. With the StreamOn Gaming offer, Telekom customers can play online without using up their data volume. In addition, the portfolio of supported platforms is constantly being expanded, and integration into the telecommunications entertainment product Magenta TV will soon follow.