Gamers expect a lot from the Sony Playstation 5. This includes Sony finally implementing the long promised backward compatibility with older titles. The Japanese manufacturer doesn’t seem to be doing that again.

We could see that the upcoming Playstation 5 could be backwards compatible with games for the Playstation 4 when we first presented a prototype in spring 2019. Sony’s PS5 boss Mark Cerny presented the title Spider-Man on the PS5, which was developed exclusively for the PS4 Pro. The PS5 seemed to be taking a step that the PS4 had avoided eight years ago. It could become compatible with the direct previous version.

What does “supported titles” mean?

In the meantime, this assumption, which was actually proven by the demonstration, has faltered. Now there is talk of the backward compatibility being limited to “supported PS4 titles”. The game publisher Ubisoft had put this information on a support page that has since changed for the strategy of transition to the next generation of consoles. The game magazine  Kotaku  had stumbled upon it.

In addition, Ubisoft had revealed on the mentioned page that apart from the “supported PS4 titles”, no other games from older console generations will be playable. This is not surprising in that Sony has not yet made a binding statement on the use of older games on the PS5. The manufacturer would certainly not have left out some good news for the gaming community.

PSN hopes remain unfulfilled

Hope had spread because Sony had also made selected PS3 titles available via game streaming with the introduction of the Playstation Network (PSN) on the PS4. As early as 2012, Sony had announced that sooner or later the PSN would also make titles from the PS1 and PS2 playable. So far nothing has been seen of that.

So it remains to be seen how Sony actually envisions the backward compatibility with the PS4. At the moment it looks as if this does not mean one-to-one use of existing PS4 games. In general, it is still unclear how the new Playstation 5 will be integrated into the Playstation Network. Sony has not commented on this either.

There is a lot of confusion about a console that has been in development for years and is scheduled to go to market in a few weeks. Incidentally, you can also secure invitation codes for advance sales .