Have you always wanted to watch “Bird Box” or “Stranger Things” but not take out a Netflix subscription? Then now is your moment!

As part of a worldwide campaign, Netflix is ​​currently allowing a selection of successful films and series to be viewed at no cost. You don’t even have to set up a Netflix account. The offer comes completely without hooks and eyes.

Watch Free: Movies and series for free

For some time now, Netflix has been experimenting with making individual content available free of charge in individual target markets in order to attract new users and then, if possible, to retain them. What Netflix has now started is of a completely different dimension.

Users around the world can now watch a selection of the streaming giant’s most successful films via desktop and Android browsers without having to make any commitment. Netflix also has series in the Watch Free program   , but only ever the first episode of a season. There are no restrictions on the films other than a skippable advertising sequence at the start of a film. They can be watched in one piece until the end.

You can also test Stranger Things. 

Can be used by any browser, except iOS

The freely available films include the horror hit “Bird Box”, the Adam Sandler comedy “Murder Mystery”, and the church drama “The Two Popes”. In the series, Netflix provides insights into the mega-hit “Stranger Things”, the school intrigue series “Élite”, the “Boss Baby” and a few more.

Bird Box was one of the most watched films on Netflix at launch. 

It is very easy to use. You simply visit the promotion page and click on “View now”. This works with any desktop browser, as well as Android. The offer cannot be used on iOS. Netflix promises to vary the offer from time to time.