Being in the fresh air, but always having a comfortable home close by and remaining completely independent – that is what makes camping so unique. Holidays with the motorhome are perfect for families, especially in Corona times. With our partner Ahorn Camp, we will introduce you to the many advantages for young and old and show you tips for camping holidays with children.

Children love to try new things and discover things. Hardly any other vacation offers so many adventures as a vacation with a motorhome. You can always head for new places full of surprises. Once there, you can experience nature up close, shine your flashlight around in the evening and watch the starry sky at night.

But even the journey in a motorhome is more exciting than in a normal car. Because the large vehicle in itself is an attraction: a home on wheels with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom in small format! The many drawers and compartments, the alcove, tables and benches that can be folded out and folded down – the numerous practical solutions in the vehicle are little sensations for children that provide lots of new impressions and fun.

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Probably the safest vacation in Corona times

Especially after the offspring had to spend so much time indoors because of the corona pandemic, they long for adventure and exercise in the fresh air. A camping holiday is the ideal solution. Special family campsites are even specially designed for younger guests.

A motorhome also offers the advantage that the parents set the hygienic standards themselves. Because unlike in a hotel or apartment complex, for example, all closed rooms in which the family is concentrated are concentrated on this compact home on four wheels, which can be disinfected in a few simple steps. There the little ones can confidently touch everything or even put it in their mouth.

Just change the travel destination

Contact with people outside the family can also be reduced to a minimum, if desired. If the requirements for behavior in public are tightened at the travel destination, the vacation is not over: the motorhome can simply be driven elsewhere.

Even a quarantine could be endured very well in these mobile four walls, as these six tips show . And even in the worst case, if a family member falls ill, no time-consuming repatriation has to be organized – because you are mobile and can simply drive back home.

Sustainable, cheap and practical

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Many families today are interested in sustainability. So it is fitting that a camping holiday has a better carbon footprint than, for example, a flight or a boat trip. Especially if one of the numerous beautiful corners of Germany is being approached – which is of course particularly advisable in Corona times. For example, you can find eight fantastic routes through the most beautiful regions of our country here .

In addition, a vacation with a motorhome is cheap and practical. Thanks to the large storage space, supplies can be taken along. Not only is self-sufficiency possible without a lot of shopping on site, the children also get the food they are used to and like at home on their plate.

Tips for a motorhome holiday with children

Especially for newbies, there are a few things to watch out for on a camping holiday with young and old in order to avoid whining, tears or worse: As in a normal car, children must be buckled up while driving. So think about the child seats. In addition, you should not tackle too long stretches – a maximum of around 200 kilometers per day is the rule of thumb – and plan regular breaks.

The little ones need two things for the trip, but also in the event of bad weather on vacation: snacks and distraction. So make sure you have enough drinks and, for example, fruit or cookies, pack board games, books as well as painting and handicrafts. Games like “I see what you can’t see” or audio books are available while driving. Smartphones and tablets can – in moderation – also serve to pass the time. Remember to download game and learning apps, music, audio books, films and series, preferably at home.

Be prepared for any weather

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Note that children are more sensitive to both the warmth of the sun and the cold of the nights. So pack a sun sail and sunscreen as well as warm and rainproof clothing. Since most campsites have large lawns, it can get muddy. Wellington boots, mud pants and a washable doormat, on which the dirty things can be taken off before entering the motorhome, make sense.

A holiday with a lot of variety is exciting, but it can also lead to overstimulation. Daily routines such as meals together, a nap in the afternoon or an evening bedtime story are therefore particularly important. In general, the motorhome should be made homely and comfortably – so that it is the ideal retreat for the whole family.

Ahorn Camp: Reliable motorhome provider for over 30 years

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Do you fancy a vacation with the whole family in which freedom, security and comfort are paramount? You can find motorhomes for your perfect vacation at Ahorn Camp – to buy and rent. The models of the family company from Speyer, which has been in existence for over 30 years, have already been recognized as price-performance winners several times. The safe and economical vehicles offer a high quality of living and sleeping and are particularly family-friendly. They are also built on a Renault basis, which is considered very reliable.

Ahorn Camp offers newcomers to camping the opportunity to test out their holiday with a motorhome. Because with Ahorn Retro, the company operates its own motorhome rental system with over 40 rental stations throughout Germany.

Experience the safest and most beautiful vacation that you can take with your family in these times and enjoy the freedom of the motorhome – with Ahorn Camp!