Netflix’s DVD rental subsidiary celebrates five billion discs shipped with a tweet . And business is still going well.

While other services like Amazon squashed their DVD rental offerings in favor of streaming years ago, Netflix and its subsidiary are still on the ball. Now the 21-year-old company has celebrated five billion DVDs shipped since 1998. Netflix shares when asked with that it still hits about a million DVDs a week to households in the United States.

Netflix DVD: 2.4 million American households as customers

With currently around 2.4 million subscribers and a resulting annual turnover of at least 230 million US dollars, delivers stable figures. Compared to the 60 million subscribers that Netflix streaming offshoots have in the USA alone, the turnover naturally appears extremely small.

Captain Marvel at Netflix DVD: Streaming customers can only be amazed.

Netflix’s DVD service is as straightforward as usual and, according to its own statements, has not increased its prices for ten years. For a monthly fee of $ 7.99, customers can have an unlimited number of films sent to them, although they are only allowed to have one at home at a time. For $ 11.99, you can keep two at a time. There are no costs for delivery and return.

Netflix DVD: Offer more current than the streaming portfolio

At first glance, it may seem downright nonsensical to have DVDs (and Blu-rays) sent to you when Netflix also has a streaming service. In fact, offers the latest blockbusters such as Captain Marvel or Rocketman that are not (yet) available in streaming.

Enthusiastic US film buffs do not prefer the DVD rental company out of pure nostalgia, but simply get the latest films there. Incidentally, Rocketman was the film sent with the five and the many zeros.