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“Beauty & The Nerd” in the live stream: money? Love? Nothing? Or even both? After five weeks of intensive partnership course on Ibiza, the finale of “Beauty & The Nerd” will take place on Thursday. This is how you see “Beauty & The Nerd” live on the Internet.

In the final on Thursday at 8:15 p.m. it will be decided which couple has the greatest fighting spirit and has grown together best as a team – but also which couple runs out of air shortly before the finish line: Annabel (32, Neuss) and Elias (24 , Freital near Dresden ), Kim (19, Birkenheide) and Illya (21, Aldenhoven near Jülich) or Victoria (22, Lienz in Austria) and Sven (24, Isselburg near Bocholt)? Who will grab the prize money of 50,000 euros?

“Beauty & The Nerd”: Couples have to prove themselves one last time

In order to take the coveted prize home with them, the beauties and their nerds first have to go through a tough slide. According to the motto “Splitschplatsch, off into the slippery water”, you have to cross a water slide hill. But that only works in a well-rehearsed team. Sven is sure that he and his Beauty Victoria will overcome every hurdle together: “Someone has to leave the villa today, no question about it. But it won’t be Victoria and me.” Annabel also wants to score with her nerd Elias: “It’s all about everything now and that’s why we will give everything.” And Kim began to fear failure: “My total horror scenario would be natural if we had to go. Then a little world would collapse for me and for Illya too.” Which couple masters the last challenges with flying colors and who fails on the last stage? And who will actually be named the winning couple of “Beauty & The Nerd”? Immediately afterwards, at “Beauty & The Nerd: Das Wiedersehen” (10:35 pm), the participants meet again after the grand finale and review the ups and downs of their time together with host Christian Düren. Which couple cultivates pure harmony and who does the tatters fly? 35 o’clock) the participants meet again after the grand finale and review the ups and downs of their time together with moderator Christian Düren. Which couple cultivates pure harmony and who does the tatters fly? 35 o’clock) the participants meet again after the grand finale and review the ups and downs of their time together with moderator Christian Düren. Which couple cultivates pure harmony and who does the tatters fly?

Netflix, Disney Plus, Joyn, Mubi or Apple TV Plus? In Germany, too, there are more and more providers of streaming subscriptions. We look at what the services offer, what they cost, and what the differences are.

It is currently pretty clear which two companies are the most successful in Germany’s streaming market. Amazon’s paid customer loyalty program Prime accounted for almost 47 percent of all paid video streaming subscriptions in October 2019. Netflix came to 35.7 percent. The other providers, however, could not even break the six percent mark. This is based on an estimate by Goldmedia .

Amazon and Netflix are also way ahead of the competition in terms of daily use . Here, however, the picture is somewhat different: Netflix collects 58.6 percent of daily streaming usage, while Prime only comes to 36 percent. The discrepancy can be explained by the fact that on average more than three people use a Netflix account. With Prime, however, there were only 2.1 people per Amazon account in October 2019.

Since this survey, however, a lot has happened on the market. Apple TV Plus will also start in Germany at the end of 2019. Disney Plus will follow on March 24, 2020. In addition, Prosieben-Sat1 and Discovery launched another payment service, Joyn Plus, which in turn is intended to replace Maxdome’s existing offer in the long term.

In addition, there are even more streaming offers in Germany, which differ from one another sometimes more and sometimes less. So that you know which provider is the right one for you, we have compiled the most important information on twelve German streaming services for you on the following pages. To ensure comparability, we focus exclusively on subscription offers in the overview. Purely advertising-financed streaming services are therefore excluded, as are online video libraries or the media libraries of public broadcasters.

Video streaming provider in Germany: The 2 industry kings and the new challengers


If there’s one company that sets the standards in video streaming, it’s Netflix. The provider has 167 million paying customers in 190 countries around the world. They want to be entertained and so the company from Los Gatos, California, not only relies on licensed content, but also increasingly produces its own content. For this, Netflix lets billions jump over a year, which works well. The series “Stranger Things” was a worldwide hit and the Noah Baumbach film “Marriage Story” was nominated for a total of six Oscars. Netflix is ​​also increasingly relying on international productions. “Dark” was the first German Netflix production to appear in 2017.

Netflix is ​​available in the browser, as a mobile app, via Chromecast and for pretty much all major smart TV platforms, set-top boxes and game consoles. Basically everyone interested in streaming should have a compatible device in their home. Netflix is ​​offering a 30-day free trial membership. After that, prices start at 7.99 euros. But there is neither HD nor 4K resolution. In addition, only one program can be streamed at a time. HD content is currently available for 11.99 euros and up to two programs can be streamed at the same time. 4K resolution is also available at a price of 15.99 euros. In addition, up to four pieces of content can be streamed simultaneously via one account. The option is often used to share a Netflix account. Officially, however, this is not allowed – even if the provider has not actively taken action against it, despite claims to the contrary. All Netflix subscriptions can be canceled on a monthly basis.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video  is basically just one of many components of the paid customer loyalty program Prime. In addition to films and series, customers can use premium delivery at no additional cost, receive special discount campaigns, borrow e-books free of charge and have access to the music streaming service Prime Music, whose catalog, however, does not match services such as Spotify or Apple Music can accommodate. Like Netflix, Amazon is also increasingly investing in in-house productions. The e-commerce giant is also making billions for this, but the group does not spend quite as much as Netflix.

Interested customers can also test Prime for 30 days free of charge  . After that, the retail giant charges 69 euros a year, which would result in 5.75 euros per month over the twelve months of the year. If you want, you can also pay for Prime monthly. That then costs 7.99 euros per month and is therefore almost 27 euros more expensive over the year. In contrast to Netflix, Amazon also offers a discount for students. They can use the service for a full twelve months for free. Thereafter, 34 euros are due annually.

Disney Plus 

Entertainment giant Walt Disney is new to the market. Its Disney Plus The streaming service baptized benefits on the one hand from the huge back catalog of the group, on the other hand from the popularity of the various media brands of the Hollywood giant. In addition to cartoon classics from Disney, which have never been streamed before, the platform also includes the popular Pixar animated films, the films from the Star Wars and Marvel series. In addition, there is also exclusive content, for which the group also uses the entertainment brands that have made Disney the market leader at the box office in recent years. For example, Disney Plus is showing the first non-animated Star Wars series with “The Mandalorian”. The principle also continues with a remake of “Lady and the Tramp” and series based on the Marvel or the “High School Musical” series.

Available is Disney  Plus on the web, iOS and Android as well as current smart TVs based on Android, WebOS and Tizen. Google’s Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Magenta TV, Playstation 4 and Xbox One are also supported. There is also a free trial period, but it only lasts seven days. The price for a monthly subscription is 6.99 euros. There is also a discounted annual subscription for 70 euros. People in a household should be able to use up to four streams at the same time. It remains to be seen whether Disney Plus will punish a possible abuse of multiple streams more strongly than Netflix.

Apple TV Plus

It has long been suspected that Apple could plan its own Netflix killer. When the iPhone company presented its streaming service Apple TV Plus, it quickly became clear that the strategy would be different. Apple TV Plus only shows its own productions – and not very many. At the start in November 2019 there were just seven series and one documentary on the platform. While there is now more content, the choice is still tiny compared to all the other streaming providers on this list.

Apple charges 4.99 euros for a monthly subscription. That in itself is quite cheap. But only if you don’t allocate the membership fee from Netflix and Co. to their film selection and then compare it with Apple TV Plus. The computer manufacturer’s streaming service is logically available on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. The following set-top boxes from the manufacturer are also supported: Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD and the third generation Apple TV. If you don’t have an Apple device at all, you can at least use the service via the web browser.

Other video streaming providers in Germany

Sky Ticket 

The Sky Ticket streaming service works on a modular basis. In other words: A separate fee is required for series and film streams. There is also an additional sports broadcast package. The series package called entertainment benefits not least from the fact that Sky holds the rights to the series of the US pay-TV broadcaster HBO in this country. The series “Game of Thrones”, “The Wire” and “The Sopranos”, among others, originate from here. The cinema package, in turn, often contains films much earlier than other streaming providers.

However, the offer is not cheap. Regular calls for Sky ticket  for each of the three packages per month 9.99 euros. So if you want to stream series and films, you already pay 18.98 euros per month. After all, there are often time-limited combined offers. Sky Ticket supports the common smartphone operating systems, the Xbox One and Playstation 4 game consoles, Apple TV and also offers apps for various smart TV devices. With the Sky Ticket TV Stick, there is also a dedicated stick modeled on Chromecast and Fire TV.

Joyn Plus 

Joyn is an advertising-financed streaming service from Prosieben-Sat1 and Discovery. The service offers live streams from dozens of television channels as well as a streaming catalog. Joyn Plus, on the other hand, is the paid premium offer of the service. In contrast to the free version, there is a larger selection of series and films that can be streamed on demand. In addition, the television streams can also be called up in HD and there is also access to pay TV channels.

The target group of the service are apparently those who still enjoy watching linear private television but do not have a television connection – and occasionally watch a program on demand. The service can currently be tested for three months free of charge.  The provider then wants 6.99 euros per month. The contract can be canceled on a monthly basis. Joyn Plus can be used in the browser, via iOS and Android apps as well as via various smart TV devices and Amazon’s Fire TV stick.

TV Now Premium

TV Now is basically the RTL Group’s Joyn counterpart. Here, too, you can stream TV broadcasts live or choose the content yourself from a catalog of films and series. In addition to the purely advertising-financed basic service, TV Now also offers a paid upgrade. In addition to exclusive content, there are also RTL formats before the TV broadcast. TV Now Premium offers apps for Android and iOS. You can also use the service via Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV and a number of set-top boxes. The price is 4.99 euros. There is also a free test phase here.

Netzkino Plus

Netzkino originally relied exclusively on YouTube as a film distribution channel, but now also offers its own advertising-financed platform. For the price of 3.75 euros a month, at least part of the offer is free of advertising. With the Netzkino sales model, license fees that are too high are likely to quickly become unprofitable, which also explains the selection of films available. You won’t find any Hollywood blockbusters here. Sometimes, however, one or the other forgotten cinema gem.

From Mubi to Kividoo: the specialists among the German streaming providers


Mubi has a very clear target group: The streaming provider is aimed at people who think of Jean-Luc Godard or Orson Welles when they hear the word cinema – instead of Michael Bay and Kevin Feige. Mubi provides them with a curated film catalog that changes daily. Because every film is only available on Mubi for 30 days. That means: there is a new film every day and at the same time a film disappears from the catalog. The main choices are art-house films and classic films.

German dubbed versions are occasionally available, but often only the original sound with optional subtitles is available. The individual films are each presented with a short text. In addition, reviews of the works are linked. Mubi charges 9.99 euros per month for the offer. Apps for Android, iOS and various smart TVs are available. Mubi can also be booked directly as a so-called channel to an existing Prime subscription via Amazon .


Another streaming specialist is Realeyz. The service specializes in contemporary independent cinema and offers a 14-day trial membership. The price is 5.50 euros per month. Those who take out an annual subscription will receive a discount of 25 percent. Realeyz only has an iOS app. Those who use Android are therefore unlucky. Like Mubi, Realeyz can also be booked as a Prime Channel on Amazon.

All-cinema film club

Alleskino acts primarily as an online distributor of German cinema films. With the all-cinema film club, there is also a subscription offer. You can test it for 30 days free of charge. Thereafter, 4.99 euros are due per month.


Kividoo is a streaming service for children. In addition to children’s series and children’s films, there are also radio plays for the little ones. The range includes well-known brand names such as Baumeister Bob, Lego Ninjago and Benjamin Blümchen in the target group. Kividoo can be tested free of charge for 30 days. Thereafter, 7.99 euros per month are due.

Disney Plus has been available in Germany since March 24, 2020. We have a number of tips ready for you to get started with the new streaming service.

With Disney Plus , a new major streaming service has arrived in Germany and is attracting new customers with a one-week  free test phase  . Like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the service can be used on various platforms such as Android , iOS, desktop browsers and many others such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Fire TV. So that you can find your way around faster, we have collected a few tips for setting up and using it.

Disney Plus setup: customize profiles

After registering, you have the option, similar to Netflix, to personalize your profiles. In addition to the avatar selection – there are countless characters from the Disney universe to choose from – you can make further settings.

Disney Plus - an avatar from the Disney world can be selected for each user profile.  (Screenshot: t3n)

Disney Plus – an avatar from the Disney world can be selected for each user profile.

You can turn off the automatic playback and background videos and limit the respective profile to a child-friendly interface with appropriate content by selecting “child profile”.

When creating the profile, you can stop annoying autoplay videos and set your preferred language.

When creating the profile, you can stop annoying autoplay videos and set your preferred language.

In addition, you can also set the language for your individual profile here. This not only defines the language of the application, but also the language in which content is displayed by default – if available. In addition to German, English (US and UK) and French (France and Canada), there is also Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Italian and Dutch.

Disney Plus: Customize the subtitle style

If you watch films in the original version, but like to use the subtitles to help, you have the option in Disney Plus to customize them to a certain extent according to your own wishes. To do this, start a film or series in the browser and click the symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

Disney Plus: In the language selection you will find a small gear ... (Screenshot: t3n)

Disney Plus: In the language selection you will find a small gear … 

The audio and subtitle language can be set in this overview. There is also a small gear wheel there. If you click on it, you can set the font and size as well as the degree of transparency and colors. This is also possible with Netflix, but it’s a bit more hidden .

Disney Plus offers customizable subtitle settings.  (Screenshot: t3n)

Disney Plus offers customizable subtitle settings. 

Disney Plus: Create lists for a better overview

Obviously visible on the home page, but worth mentioning: so that you don’t lose track of your series and movie watching plans, use the “My List” (or Watchlist) function. When you wander through the Disney Plus content library and have found an exciting film or series that you absolutely have to watch again, click on the tick next to the play button – and the title is in the list for later consumption . But you cannot store more than 50 pieces of content here, as t3n reader “HerrDerDinge” notes in the comments .

In Disney Plus you can create lists for upcoming video nights.  (Screenshot: t3n)

In Disney Plus you can create lists for upcoming video nights. 

Offline use on Android or iOS devices

Like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus supports the temporary storage of content on mobile devices.

Disney Plus offline mode for downloading content.  You will find further download options in the app settings.  (Screenshot: t3n)

Disney Plus offline mode for downloading content. You will find further download options in the app settings. 

The download button is located in every film title menu: next to the play button for films, next to each season as well as next to each individual episode for series.

In the app settings you also have the option of specifying that content can only be downloaded via WiFi. In addition, the download quality and, if necessary, the storage location can be selected here.

Disney Plus in the browser: use keyboard shortcuts

If you use Disney Plus on your notebook or desktop via browser, the keyboard shortcuts might come in handy:

  • M – mute the sound
  • F – full screen mode
  • Esc – exit full screen mode
  • Spacebar – start or pause video
  • Right cursor key – fast forward ten seconds
  • Left cursor key – rewind ten seconds

Disney Plus: Flixable helps find it

The external search engine Flixable is not pretty but practical : The website offers an overview of all available content for Disney Plus and Netflix. You can also sort and filter films and series by the categories of year of release, genre, IMDB rating and language.

Watch Disney Plus with friends

In times of Corona, social distancing is popular. Watching a series or a film with friends at home is currently not possible. This is where the Disney Plus Party Chrome extension comes in handy. She lets you open a chat room and automatically fades in the desired stream. By the way, there is a similar solution for Netflix called Netflix Party . The Chrome extension is not free: you have to invest around two euros.

Disney Plus: Set advertising preferences

The settings for interest-based advertising and other cookies are somewhat more hidden. You can find these in the desktop overview at the bottom of the website.

You can set cookies on the Disney Plus website.  (Screenshot: t3n)

You can set cookies on the Disney Plus website. 

Under the item “Interest-based advertising” you can access the website of the data protection service provider Trustarc – here you can specify which companies are allowed to display targeted advertising to you. Under the additional button “Manage settings” you can also make rudimentary privacy settings. Here you can deactivate performance, targeting and advertising cookies, which reduces the collection of your user data. However, this can mean that the Disney Plus recommendation engine spits out less relevant results for you.

A  Disney Plus subscription   starts  and costs 6.99 euros per month and has a term of one month. For the one-time price of just under 70 euros you get a discounted annual subscription. As a new customer, you can also test the service for free for a week.


“Jerks” with Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim, all 14 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” and successful blockbusters like “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “The Amazing Spiderman” – all of this is available at Joyn PLUS +. Even free for the first month.

What is Joyn anyway?

Joyn is an app for video streaming and live TV that you can use on your mobile phone or tablet. Or on your laptop, computer or television at home. Or all at the same time! The service from Joyn is basically free of charge, but the PLUS version with even more entertainment has recently also been available – in the first month even completely free of charge.

Your advantages with Joyn PLUS +

  • Huge selection : With Joyn PLUS + you have over 30,000 films and series at your disposal. Current blockbusters such as “La La Land” and “Der Martianer” are also included.
  • Television and streaming : You can not only stream films and series, but also watch classic television. Here, too, the selection is huge! Choose from over 60 live channels, (almost) all of which are available in HD. Six pay TV channels (such as Eurosport 2, Discovery Channel and ProSieben FUN) are on top of that with Joyn PLUS +.
  • Lots of originals and exclusives : On Joyn PLUS + there are a lot of exclusive series that you can only see here, for example “jerks”, “Deadly Class”, “Macro Maffia” and “Andere Eltern”.
  • On the device of your choice : Just like the free offer from Joyn, you can also use Joyn PLUS + in the app, on the web or on your smart TV at home.

And best of all : In the first month of your Joyn PLUS + subscription, you can even use all these advantages for free! Thereafter, 6.99 euros per month are due. By the way, you can cancel your subscription every month. That means unlimited streaming and television in HD at a low price and with maximum flexibility. Enjoyn!

Bored in the Corona quarantine? Asmodee provides you with trial versions of popular card and board games that you can download, print out and play for free.

Have a look at Netflix, read through books, play the internet? Before you make the driftieth round on Instagram and Twitter, Asmodee would have an alternative – provided you have a partner, family or flatmate and a printer ready. The parlor game forge provides you with popular and, in some cases, award-winning card games as print & play – most of them as test versions. That means you can download PDFs of the cards and rules, print them out, cut them out and start playing with them.

The size of the print & play games does not always correspond to that of the full versions. But that’s enough to try a few rounds and learn the game. In addition, more and more of them should appear in the next few weeks – so there’s plenty of variety.

Extra strong: Almost all games are available for download in eleven different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

If you already have a few Asmodee games at home, the game makers will give you a few tips on how to play them with your friends using video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts . Including the absurdly funny Exploding Kittens, for which there is now a “Quarantined Kittens” game variant .


In Dixit it comes to creativity, imagination and killed guessing stories. Up to four players receive a handful of cards with artistic pictures. One of you – the narrator – comes up with a story, a quote, a word or just a sound for one of your cards and lets the others know. Then they all place a face-down card on the table that they think also fits the given word or sound. The cards are shuffled and laid out. The goal is then to find the narrator’s card. If everyone guessed the right card, it was too easy – no points. If nobody guesses the right card, it was too difficult – no points. It’s all about balance.

36 cards are included in the trial version . The full version  offers one more corner and can be played with up to six people. There are also numerous extensions with different topics and settings.

Card game Dobble

At Dobble you have to be alert and nimble to be the first to recognize as many symbol cards as possible and to win for you.


For Dobble you need keen eyes and quick reactions. There are various colorful symbols and pictures on the round playing cards – each player gets one at the beginning. Then the top of the pile is turned over and you have to quickly find a symbol that coincides with one on your card. Whoever is the first to announce which symbol looks like one on your card, you can take the card and the next one is revealed. Whoever has the most cards when the pile is empty wins.

The demo version contains 16 cards. The full versions  , which are also available with small educational games for kids, have a good three times as many and also offer varied game variants.

Combo color

Strategy, tactics and fun coloring are required for up to four players in Combo Color . On the game boards, which are divided into fields, you have to paint as many specific fields as possible with your color. You need colored pencils or felt pens for this. In each turn you can only paint one square with an arrow, or one that is adjacent to another, already colored one. Some are worth more points than others. Step by step you work your way until all fields are colored – then the points are counted.

Asmodee’s demo of Combo Color contains the simple rules and two coloring game boards. The full version  includes 18 double-sided, wipeable game boards, four non-permanent felt-tip pens and a small sponge to clean the game boards.

Unlock!  Card game

Unlock! comes as a card game. But behind it there are exciting escape room adventures with riddles and puzzles.


Escape rooms are popular, but currently hardly feasible. You can escape within your own four walls with this card game – but please stay inside, Social Distancing! Unlock  packs small escape adventures in card form along with puzzles and combination puzzles for up to six players. The trial version includes a tutorial and several demo adventures that consist of over 100 maps in total. For this you need a free app, which is available for iOS and Android and which guides you through the sessions, has timers and music ready and in which you can find additional game elements.

There are also various full versions of Unlock  , in which you either receive individual additional adventures or three of them are included in packages. Here, too, you always need the associated mobile app.


At Corinth you slip into the roles of Greek merchants and assert yourself against each other in trading on the port market. With a complex dice system, each round decides which goods are available. You yourself then decide whether you look to meet your demand yourself – or to ruin someone else’s business by buying up the goods they need. At the same time, of course, you have to manage the coal. After around 15 rounds it is evaluated who is the most successful dealer in Corinth.

In contrast to the other games presented here, you can basically download the full version of the game . In addition, you only need a couple of pens and six-sided dice in two different colors.

Cortex Challenge board game

You can work your gray cells, for example, with Cortex Challenge.

Cortext Challenge

Cortex Challenge demands your memory, comprehension and ability to react . You win cards by solving the brainpower problems on them as quickly as possible. You follow the path out of small mazes as quickly as possible, note the number of certain objects on a map, find a word that has the same color as it says – and so on.

The trial version only contains a handful of cards that should be played through quickly. The full version  comes with 90 task cards, some of them vivid and with tactile tasks, which of course cannot be done with Print & Play.


Timeline puts the historical knowledge of up to six players to the test – and trains it at the same time. Here you lay out a card with a historical event – big things like the moon landing or the sinking of the Titanic, but also “little things” like the invention of the toothbrush or the production of the first croissant. In turn you then have to arrange the events on your own hand cards around the ones on display in a row. One card per train, in chronological order. You are only allowed to look at the back with the year numbers when your card is in place. If you are right, it stays, if you are wrong, pull a new one and discard the wrong one. The first player to run out of cards wins.

The demo version contains 30 cards for printing. The different full versions  each bring over 50 cards and also specifically deal with inventions or large events. They can all be combined with one another.


Example from the board game Concept

With Concept you have to describe terms to your fellow players, but you can only use pictograms. You can practice guessing in the stripped-down trial version.


There’s a picture puzzle at Concept . The aim here is to recognize specific terms based on sometimes complex combinations of different pictograms. In the demo version you can test your skills with the help of 30 cards – the point here is simply to be the first to guess the term using the combinations of images. As an alternative, which is more aimed at children, there is also a demo by Concept Kids Animals .

The full version  of Concept is a real board game. Here you mark the pictograms on the game board with your playing figures and colored dice that describe the term you have on a secret card. The other players then have to guess it and collect points. Talking is of course prohibited.

Story cubes

As the name suggests, Story Cubes is a dice game all about stories. You throw dice with small pictograms on them and come up with a story for the combination you rolled. In other game variants you have to paint a picture of the dice results, or you put together pictograms similar to Concept to represent a term that other players then have to expect.

Of course, the print & play version does not contain any dice. For this you will get a few ready-made combinations of dice as pictures with which you can start playing. Nice: There is also a cube template on which you can draw your own symbols. The full version  is available in different versions that can all be combined with each other.

Card game KeyForge

At Keyforge – developed by “Magic: The Gathering” maker Richard Garfield – you always play against each other with unique card combinations.


The colorful one-on-one card game Keyforge also comes from the inventor of Magic: The Gathering . Players collect resources to be the first to forge three keys and battle against fantasy creatures in card form. One of the highlights of the Unique Deck Game is that each player deck is compiled from a unique combination of cards using an algorithm. Four of these decks are now available to download for free to print out – together with the rules of the game and the necessary game materials. So far, however, only in English.

This only rudiments the complexity and nuances of Keyforge in order to get to know the game, but it is completely sufficient. Additional decks and sets for two players  bring more variation into the game.

One key

In the One Key picture puzzle , a player selects one of the many picture motifs that the other players have to guess. To do this, you can only use pieces to show the others whether a certain motif is strong, medium or weak similarity to the one you are looking for. In this way, more and more motifs are gradually being eliminated until, ideally, only what you are looking for is left. If the correct one is removed prematurely, the game is lost.

The print & play version contains 56 motifs as well as short rules in English and other game materials for printing. The German rule book is also available as a download. The full version  has a total of 84 motifs for guesswork on board

Anyone who wants to enjoy music together sensibly on the go and at home cannot avoid mobile Bluetooth speakers. We took a close look at various speakers and revealed in the test what to look for when buying.

The boom in small and portable Bluetooth speakers is over. The ranks of smart loudspeakers such as the Homepod, Amazon-Echo or Google-Home have been overtaken the little roaring cubes. Nevertheless, conventional Bluetooth speakers still have a right to exist. After all, the smart relatives are not that mobile, as they usually depend on an existing WiFi connection.

Properties such as watertightness or a particularly robust construction are also missing and ensure that everyone who does not want to do without their music library for sound outside, needs another speaker.

                                                  No guitar amplifier, but mobile box. * (Image: Marshall)

Bluetooth speakers can be used in very different ways. Whether it’s a party in your own four walls or a barbecue in the park: Bluetooth speakers make it possible to enjoy music together.

The practical thing about the portable speakers is that they are powered by a rechargeable battery and can therefore be taken anywhere. Some of the boxes tested even offer a power bank mode that can be used to charge the smartphone on the go if it runs out. Almost all of the devices we tested are at least compact enough to fit in your backpack. Despite the comparatively small dimensions, some of the speakers have a surprisingly good and loud sound.

Bluetooth speaker: open your ears when buying a box

Regardless of whether you are interested in very cheap speakers or higher-priced ones – you should consider a few aspects before buying. For one thing, the size of the boxes themselves plays a role. If you only want to operate the loudspeaker in your own four walls, it can be a bit bigger – provided that it then delivers a correspondingly better sound. However, if the speaker should also be part of the park, a more compact model is a good choice. Speaking of portability: the battery life also plays a major role.

One of the main selection criteria when buying such a box is of course the audio quality. Even if we give you information about the sound of the speakers we tested, that is quite subjective. What we like doesn’t have to sound good to your ears. If possible, you should try the speakers for yourself. Pay particular attention to how the sound quality is at lower volumes – this is much more informative in terms of the sound quality of a speaker than the full roar.

Anker Soundcore Boost

Anker has several Bluetooth speakers in its range. We tested the Soundcore Boost. (Image: anchor)

The Soundcore Boost from Anker offers sufficient sound for such a small box. The performance of 20 watts is just as impressive as the running time of around twelve hours. This Bluetooth speaker from Anker is waterproof and allows you to adjust the bass at the touch of a button.

A special feature of the Soundcore Boost: It can also be used as a power bank for charging mobile devices via USB cable. The box has an AUX connection.

• Pro:  12 hours runtime, waterproof, power bank mode, low price
• Cons:  Sound could be better
• Price: 60 euros

Bose Soundlink Mini II Special Edition

Soundlink Mini II Special Edition. (Image: Bose)


The Soundlink Mini from Bose is also one of the long-established Bluetooth speakers. The original model appeared in 2013 and the Soundlink Mini II followed in 2015. In 2019, Bose brought the Soundlink Mini II Special Edition onto the market instead of a Soundlink Mini 3. In contrast to the very solid predecessor, not too much has changed. The innovations include a USB-C connection and a slightly improved runtime to twelve hours.

In contrast to many of the other speakers presented here, this speaker is less suitable for outdoor use and its advantages primarily come into play indoors. The Soundlink Mini II Special Edition is convincing in terms of sound. The bass only gets a little out of hand at higher volume.

• Pro:  USB-C, Multipoint Bluetooth
• Cons:  Price too high for what is offered, only partially suitable for outdoor use
• Price : 110 euros

JBL Flip 5

The JBL Flip 5 is one of those Bluetooth speakers that can get wet from time to time. (Image: JBL)

For the low price of just under 100 euros, the sound of the JBL Flip 5 is definitely convincing. The speaker is waterproof and also quite robust. The Flip’s battery lasts around twelve hours and, thanks to USB-C, is fully charged after a little over two hours. Two devices can be linked to form a stereo system.

• Pro:  USB-C, low price
• Cons:  Sufficient sound
• Price: 90 euros

JBL Xtreme 2

This bluetooth speaker lasts almost 20 hours. (Image: JBL)


The JBL Xtreme 2 not only impresses with a balanced sound, but also keeps it at maximum volume. This makes the loudspeaker suitable for both outdoor use and large rooms. As is usual with many boxes, two devices can be linked via an app to provide stereo sound.

The Xtreme 2’s battery only ran out of power after about 19 hours in our test. Unfortunately, the device cannot be charged via USB, but only via the included power supply.

• Pro:  great sound, waterproof, power bank mode, battery life
• Cons: difficult
• Price: 170 euros *

Marshall Stockwell II

No guitar amplifier, but a mobile box. (Image: Marshall)


As usual with Marshall Bluetooth speakers, the design of the Stockwell II is based on the manufacturer’s amplifiers. The workmanship is absolutely convincing: metal grille and silicone ensure a robust exterior. The sound of the Marshall Stockwell II convinced us in the test. Only at higher volume did the bass decrease noticeably.

The Stockwell II offers aptX and a total runtime of just under 20 hours. Marshall has also given the box a kind of fast charging mode, which guarantees up to six hours of operation with a 20 minute charging time.

• Pro:  aptX, solid workmanship, fast charging mode
• Cons: expensive compared to comparable competing products
• Price: 160 euros

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is one of the larger and more expensive representatives in our test field. (Image: Sonos)


Sonos is better known for its wireless speakers. The Sonos Move (test) , however, is a combination of tried and tested Bluetooth speakers. The loudspeaker is large and heavy compared to most of our test field. Therefore, it is more suitable for use in the garden than in the park. Inside, the box can be integrated into an existing Sonos ecosystem.

The battery life of around ten hours is sufficient, if not generous. The sound of the Sonos Move is balanced and convinced us. This is especially true of the highs and mids. In terms of bass, there would definitely have been room for improvement. Many other loudspeakers with good sound decrease at high volumes – not the Move, which also keeps the good quality turned up.

• Pro:  USB-C, good sound, measurement via Trueplay
• Cons: expensive
• Price: 400 euros

Sony SRS-XB12

Small and mobile: the XB12. (Image: Sony)


The SRS-XB12 is available in six different colors. If you connect two of the mono speakers together, you get a stereo system. The speaker scores particularly well in terms of battery life, because the box lasts for up to 16 hours. In addition to Bluetooth, the device also offers NFC. The Bluetooth connection was not particularly reliable in our test. The Sony loudspeaker offers a fairly bass-heavy sound and the overall sound is sufficient. The small Sony box couldn’t convince us particularly in terms of heights.

• Pro:  NFC, battery life, low price, water-repellent
• Cons:  only sound sufficient
• Price: 45 euros

Teufel Boomster Go

The Teufel Boomster Go is also very mobile. (Image: devil)


With its square dimensions of 10 x 10 x 4.6 centimeters, the Teufel Boomster Go is one of the most compact representatives in the test field. Despite the small size, the speaker still has a runtime of around ten hours. The speaker is available in five different colors and it is possible to couple two of the speakers to form a stereo system.

The sound of the Boomster Go is surprising. For a device of this size, the bass sounds amazingly powerful and voices convince with a high level of detail. Nevertheless, the sound of the speaker cannot be compared with larger models.

• Pro: Very mobile, waterproof
• Cons: Relatively expensive
• Price: 85 euros

Devil Rockster Cross

The sound of the Rockster Cross is the highlight of this Bluetooth speaker. (Image: devil)


The Teufel Rockster Cross was able to convince us very sonically. In addition to an exemplary bass for a speaker of this size, the highs also clearly reach the ear canal. Overall, the loudspeaker scores with a warm, soft and natural sound. The speaker can be turned up with 30 watts, and the battery is generously sized with around 19 hours of runtime.

It is possible to connect two of the boxes to a stereo system using the app. The box offers the aptX codec for higher quality sound transmission via Bluetooth. An AUX connection also enables wired operation. The power bank mode also enables mobile devices to be charged.

• Pro:  great sound, battery life, aptX, power bank mode
• Cons: difficult, long charging time
• Price: 300 euros

Tribit Maxsound Plus

When it comes to price, the Tribit Maxsound Plus is unbeatable. (Image: Tribit)


The Tribut Maxsound Plus is a small, robust and waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which primarily wants to convince with a very affordable price. At around 50 euros, the box is the cheapest in our test field. The battery life of just under 20 hours is also impressive.

The sound of the Maxsound Plus also surprised us. The sound of the small box is surprisingly balanced, but noticeably decreases at higher volumes.

• Pro: waterproof, long running time, low price
• Cons:  sound suboptimal at high volume
• Price: 50 euros

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

The UE Boom is an established representative of Bluetooth speakers and is now available in the third version. (Image: Ultimate Ears)


The now iconic round speaker from Ultimate Ears helped found the small, portable Bluetooth speaker segment a few years ago. The sound is good, but not on par when compared to other products. Voices sound a bit artificial to our taste, and the bass could also be fuller. Still, the Boom 3’s sound isn’t bad. The practical thing about the design is that the speaker emits the sound in 360 degrees.

The speaker scores above all with a really impressive runtime of around 20 hours and a very compact size. You can couple several Ultimate Ears speakers with each other and the system also has a multi-room function.

• Pro:  very long runtime, power bank mode, compact, multi-room support
• Cons:  sound only sufficient
• Price: 90 euros *

Apple remains stubborn, Microsoft reacts with a cold. The big launch of the gaming platform xCloud planned for September 2020 will take place, but not on devices with iOS or iPadOS. Apple is blocking the way to the app store.

It is not surprising that Apple is also refusing the major providers Google and Microsoft to include their Stadia and xCloud gaming platforms in the app store. Telegram  and  Facebook had had the same experience before . The reason is always the same.

Apple insists on app store guidelines

In doing so, Apple has its self-imposed app store guidelines behind it. They do not allow apps to be sold, which in turn are app stores. And as such, Apple classifies the gaming platforms of the various providers. They offer direct access to a growing number of games, which in turn would then no longer go through the app store’s review process individually.

That is exactly the crux of the matter. Apple sees the security of its customers at risk if they can no longer rely on the fact that every app that can be installed on the iPhone or iPad has also gone through the app store’s review process. On a positive note, these strict guidelines have in fact ensured that there were practically no malware scandals in the app store over the past 13 years. Google’s Play Store wrote completely different stories  .

Apple also claims that these guidelines would be applied equally to everyone and would be enforced without exception. Microsoft does not want to accept that. The company, which was otherwise rather cautious in dealing with the competition, felt compelled to submit an official statement on the exclusion from the app store.

Microsoft questions the meaning of the guidelines

The test phase of the xCloud preview app for iOS has expired, according to the company. Unfortunately, there is no further perspective that would allow the xCloud platform for iPhone users to go into regular operation via the Apple App Store. Apple is the only platform provider to refuse to allow its customers cloud gaming and gaming subscriptions such as the Xbox Game Pass. Apple rated gaming apps consistently differently than other apps with interactive content.

For example, all games that would be offered within the Xbox Game Pass have been checked by independent bodies under various aspects, such as the protection of minors. Microsoft wants to imply that a further examination by the Apple review team is unnecessary.

Despite initially lacking perspective, Microsoft wants to continue trying to find a way to make its own gaming platform accessible to iOS users. After all, the customer must be at the center of all considerations. We know from users that they do not want to make their gaming habits dependent on certain devices.

Microsoft’s relatively clear reaction, which  The Verge has received in  writing, shows the economic importance the issue has for the company. After all, mobile games are considered the most profitable app category of all and are likely to make up a significant part of the 15 billion US dollars that Apple’s app store generated in sales last year. Also painful is the fact that Apple itself  operates a gaming platform for iPhones and iPads with the Arcade service  , while the company practically completely rules out competition with reference to app store rules.

App store rules are legally checked

In addition to Microsoft’s xCloud, Google’s Stadia and Facebook Gaming are also affected. Not least in view of the cumulative influence of these three big tech companies, it is questionable how long Apple will get away with referring to self-imposed rules.

On June 17, 2020, the EU Commission decided to initiate two independent antitrust proceedings. EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager now wants to check whether the app store regulation is compatible with European antitrust law. A second procedure is to check whether Apple is also violating European competition law with its restrictive requirements for mobile payments.

This is Microsoft’s Project xCloud

Project xCloud is a cloud gaming service that is   technically very similar to Google’s Stadia . The games are run on servers and the user’s device acts as a kind of monitor with remote control. The transmission of moving images can generate large amounts of data, which is why a good quality Internet connection is necessary.

The xCloud library includes over 50 games, including Microsoft flagships such as Gears of War 5 or Forza Horizon 4 as well as third-party titles such as Madden 20 or Civilization 6. A Microsoft account and an Android device are required for use. A version for Windows is being worked on.

Stiftung Warentest has expanded its comparison test of Bluetooth speakers by 13 new boxes to a comparison field of now a total of 47 products. Conclusion: Heavy and expensive means the best sound.

Bluetooth speakers are the constant companions of the younger generation. For this reason alone, the older generation is also interested in these speakers producing at least a decent sound. This does not help against the sometimes terrible content that can be heard via the portable sound systems, but it makes the sound image more bearable.

Trendy bluetooth speakers, especially in summer

This is particularly important in summer, which should not be underestimated. From every bike rack, from every backpack and at every bathing area, the small roaring cubes that are fed via the smartphone annoy more or less innocent listeners.

The difference between the ordinary roaring cube and a tonally balanced sound system is quite clear. This manifests itself primarily in the price, but has a number of clear correlation factors that also allow conclusions to be drawn about the sound to be expected. The size and the functional equipment only play an indirect role.

Bluetooth speakers: heavy and expensive equally well

The current comparison test by Stiftung Warentest makes it clear which factors make a good Bluetooth speaker and what buyers should therefore pay attention to. The matter can be approached calmly without brand expectations.

The Stiftung Warentest recommends that you keep an eye on your own intended use when choosing a portable sound system. Because he will subsequently force compromises.

If the intended use is not necessarily a mobile one, according to the test it is worthwhile to rely on the large, heavy representatives of their trade. Because of their volume and weight alone, they are much more capable of delivering a rich, stable sound than lightweights. Here we are talking about boxes weighing more than one kilogram.

Test winner: Teufel Rockster Cross

Accordingly, the new test winner weighs 2,450 grams, costs around 300 euros * and is called Teufel Rockster Cross. It certainly cannot be called ultra-mobile. The handling is not necessarily suitable for a picnic due to its weight and size. According to the product test, the battery should not be the best either. But in terms of sound, nobody can hold a candle to the devil. We came to a similar conclusion in our  test .

Audiophiles can purchase the Beoplay P6 from Bang & Olufsen for around 240 euros * . It weighs just under 1,000 grams and was also able to convince the testers with its rich sound, which they gave them a grade of 1.2.

The Beoplay P6 looks like a retro radio from the seventies. (Photo: B&O)

Lightweight: JBL Flip Essential

If that’s too difficult for you, you should take a look at the JBL Flip Essential. Stiftung Warentest gives it an overall rating of “Good” (2.4). The Flip Essential weighs 467 grams and costs only 60 euros * .

JBL Flip Essential. (Photo: JBL)

All individual tests can be found in the August issue of the Warentest magazine, which can be bought at the kiosk or online . In it, Stiftung Warentest gives tips on choosing a sound system according to your personal application. Because the Teufel Rockster Cross is clearly not suitable for a backpack.

Pure facts are boring. And sell badly. In order to inspire people, whether from content or products, you have to address them on an emotional level. And that works best with stories – called storytelling in technical jargon.

Storytelling is on everyone’s lips. But what is that exactly? And why does it work so well?

Storytelling means telling stories – and that’s basically exactly what it is. Storytelling is a narrative method that is about the indirect conveyance of messages and knowledge, packaged in a clear story.

The concept is not new. Fairy tales that mankind has been telling for centuries also work this way. Because the sentence “And the moral of the story ‘…” just works better with a “Once upon a time …” in front of it.

The magic of “Once upon a time …”

Why this is so can be explained psychologically. In psychology, a distinction is made between two different types of memory: analytical memory , which is responsible for planning and logical reasoning, and biographical, also called narrative memory , which combines human experiences into a story and classifies them emotionally.

When we hear a story, our narrative memory jumps and generates emotions. This has some decisive advantages over communicating pure facts. Because pure facts are often more difficult for the human brain to retrieve.

If the facts are instead packed into a clear story, images arise in the head that are automatically better remembered. These images also arouse our curiosity and the resulting emotions stimulate human empathy. If the recipient can identify with a story, this also leads to emotional involvement and attachment to the communicator, e.g. the brand.

Stories can also motivate and activate us and thus, for example, lead directly to a purchase, a click on “Follow” or the registration for a newsletter.

These stories don’t necessarily have to be told or written. Actually, they shouldn’t be. Because our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than plain text. The best conditions for visual storytelling.

Well-told stories create images in the mind. (Photo: Adobe Stock / ra2studio)

Visual storytelling with Adobe Spark

This is where Adobe Spark comes in. Spark is Adobe’s storytelling tool with which you can prepare all your content in a wide variety of formats in a super easy and attractive way. Spark includes the three apps Spark Post, Spark Page and Spark Video, which are perfectly tailored to all needs related to telling emotional stories.

  • Spark Page

As the name suggests, Spark Page is the tool for all of your pages. For example, with Page you can build a professional website within a few minutes and without any prior knowledge, and then fill it with texts, images, graphics and videos.

You don’t want a whole website, just a landing page for your latest whitepaper? Do you want to get started as a freelance photographer and need a portfolio for your best pictures? No matter which page you have in mind, Spark Page is your tool for it.

  • Spark Post

Spark Post is for the budding graphic designers among you, because with Post you can create everything a graphic artist’s heart desires within a very short time. No matter whether you work as a teacher and regularly create posters, have just started your own business and need a flyer to address potential customers, or whether you want to create cool social media postings as an influencer – Spark Post is for all of you there.

  • Spark video

Spark Video turns you into a videographer in no time, even if you’ve never worked with moving images before. Whether you want to start a YouTube channel with explanatory videos or upgrade your Instagram feed with professionally edited stories and IGTV videos – Spark Video turns you into a creative director and turns your stories into clips, videos or entire films.

Whether it’s a YouTube video or an Instagram story: Spark Video lets you create professional clips in no time. (Photo: Adobe Stock / BullRun)

Adobe Spark is just as suitable for private users as it is for professional creatives, the self-employed or companies.

For newbies who want to approach the topic of storytelling carefully, there is a free starter subscription . So you can start right away, because the apps are super intuitive, you don’t need any previous knowledge and almost as little training time. Thanks to thousands of templates, your own blog and numerous tutorials, you will always be provided with plenty of inspiration.

For professionals who already work with other Adobe applications, Spark is the perfect addition, because everything you create with Spark is of course compatible with all other applications.

In addition to the free starter subscription, there is also the premium version for professional creatives and entrepreneurs , which offers a lot of additional functions, for example premium and branding templates and access to the entire Adobe font library. Individual users can currently use the premium version free of charge for two months, after which the price is 11.89 euros per month. For companies, agencies and teams that need several user profiles, there are models from 19.99 euros per month.

Have you always wanted to watch “Bird Box” or “Stranger Things” but not take out a Netflix subscription? Then now is your moment!

As part of a worldwide campaign, Netflix is ​​currently allowing a selection of successful films and series to be viewed at no cost. You don’t even have to set up a Netflix account. The offer comes completely without hooks and eyes.

Watch Free: Movies and series for free

For some time now, Netflix has been experimenting with making individual content available free of charge in individual target markets in order to attract new users and then, if possible, to retain them. What Netflix has now started is of a completely different dimension.

Users around the world can now watch a selection of the streaming giant’s most successful films via desktop and Android browsers without having to make any commitment. Netflix also has series in the Watch Free program   , but only ever the first episode of a season. There are no restrictions on the films other than a skippable advertising sequence at the start of a film. They can be watched in one piece until the end.

You can also test Stranger Things. 

Can be used by any browser, except iOS

The freely available films include the horror hit “Bird Box”, the Adam Sandler comedy “Murder Mystery”, and the church drama “The Two Popes”. In the series, Netflix provides insights into the mega-hit “Stranger Things”, the school intrigue series “Élite”, the “Boss Baby” and a few more.

Bird Box was one of the most watched films on Netflix at launch. 

It is very easy to use. You simply visit the promotion page and click on “View now”. This works with any desktop browser, as well as Android. The offer cannot be used on iOS. Netflix promises to vary the offer from time to time.